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lunch-outings during the work day

What do you do with your lunch hour at work? Do you brown-bag it each day and spend your hour sitting at your desk or in a dreary break-room? You likely have a handful of restaurants around your workplace that can provide you with a quick outing during a busy day. Calling ahead to place your order can help you make a lunch-outing possible during a busy day. My blog is all about your lunch hour. You will find ideas for making the most of those 60 precious minutes and getting a healthy, enjoyable lunch to get you through the day.


How To Find The Best Restaurants In Your Area

Are you interested in eating at the best restaurants in your area but don't know where to start? Whether you're on vacation, recently moved to an area, or haven't explored enough of your town's eateries, there's a right and a wrong way to do it. It's also important to realize what you enjoy in a restaurant, as other folks' favorite places might be horrible for you. Figure Out What Qualities Are Most Important to You Read More 

Tips For Restaurants Wanting To Expand Into Catering

If you've been running a restaurant for a while and are looking for ways to expand, you may be thinking of starting to offer catering services. Your loyal customers who have come to love your restaurant food will surely enjoy being able to order it off-site for parties and gatherings, too. Here are a few tips that should serve you well as you start to expand into catering. Don't offer everything on your current menu. Read More 

Benefits Of Opening A Family-Style Restaurant

These days, there are so many different styles of restaurants. There are fast food restaurants where you can grab mostly pre-made food on the go. Fast-casual restaurants have somewhat more complex menus, but you still order at a counter. There are typical, sit-down restaurants where each person orders their own dish off the menu. And then, there are family-style restaurants where you order dishes for the table to share. The last type of restaurant may not be the most popular, but it's a good style to consider if you're about to open a restaurant. Read More 

How To Eat Healthy But Still Have Fun At A Seafood Restaurant

Eating out when you're trying to eat more healthy food doesn't have to be difficult. While restaurants offer many tempting — and high-calorie, high-fat, and so on — meals, they also offer a wide range of healthy choices, especially if you're ordering at a seafood restaurant. You don't have to avoid your favorite fish dish if you want a healthy meal — just use the right strategies when ordering. Balance Your Food Read More 

Four Restaurant-Style Barbecue Sauces You Can Make At Home

One of the things that sets great barbecue apart is the delicious sauce. Most barbecue restaurants have their own sauce recipes that they guard closely, but that doesn't mean you can't make something just as tasty in your own kitchen. Here are four different restaurant-style barbecue sauces that are great for slathering on chicken, pork, beef, or just about anything else you toss on the grill. Carolina Barbecue Sauce In the Carolinas, barbecue sauce is typically mustard-based with a hint of spice. Read More