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lunch-outings during the work day

What do you do with your lunch hour at work? Do you brown-bag it each day and spend your hour sitting at your desk or in a dreary break-room? You likely have a handful of restaurants around your workplace that can provide you with a quick outing during a busy day. Calling ahead to place your order can help you make a lunch-outing possible during a busy day. My blog is all about your lunch hour. You will find ideas for making the most of those 60 precious minutes and getting a healthy, enjoyable lunch to get you through the day.


How To Eat Healthy But Still Have Fun At A Seafood Restaurant

Eating out when you're trying to eat more healthy food doesn't have to be difficult. While restaurants offer many tempting — and high-calorie, high-fat, and so on — meals, they also offer a wide range of healthy choices, especially if you're ordering at a seafood restaurant. You don't have to avoid your favorite fish dish if you want a healthy meal — just use the right strategies when ordering.

Balance Your Food

Chances are you're not getting just fish at most restaurants. You'll likely have a choice of side dishes as well. Look for steamed vegetables that haven't been drowned in butter, and try to eat a plain sweet potato instead of a roll. Going with vegetable-based sides that have been cooked using healthy methods like steaming and baking allows you a little more leeway with your main fish order. You'll still want to avoid ordering fried, battered fish too much as the amount of fat in there can really upend your healthy-eating attempts, but you can occasionally splurge a bit if the rest of your meal is lower-calorie.

Have the Sauce on the Side

Whenever you can, get sauce on the side. Don't order fillets doused in tartar sauce or shrimp pre-dunked in cocktail sauce; get those on the side and dip pieces of food into the sauce. Or better yet, use the salad-dressing method of dunking your fork tines in the sauce and then spearing a piece of food.

Don't Skimp too Much

If you eat out a lot, you do need to be careful about what you order. But don't make every meal full of plain potatoes and plain, unseasoned fish. You'll only sabotage yourself in the end when your craving for something fried finally overwhelms your willpower. Ensure each meal contains something, even a small something, that is tasty and a treat to eat.

Consider Serving Size

You may also want to take a look at the children's menu or at half-portion options if the restaurant has those. It's no secret that restaurant meals can be huge, so getting a half portion can still land a lot of food on your table. You'll have a satisfying meal and cut your calorie intake easily.

Talk to the server at the restaurant you go to about whether the kitchen is amenable to substitutions and portion cuts or sharing plates. Many restaurants, especially seafood places, are aware that eating healthy has become a priority for many. For more information, contact local professionals like Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar.