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lunch-outings during the work day

What do you do with your lunch hour at work? Do you brown-bag it each day and spend your hour sitting at your desk or in a dreary break-room? You likely have a handful of restaurants around your workplace that can provide you with a quick outing during a busy day. Calling ahead to place your order can help you make a lunch-outing possible during a busy day. My blog is all about your lunch hour. You will find ideas for making the most of those 60 precious minutes and getting a healthy, enjoyable lunch to get you through the day.


Choosing The Right Venue For Your Event

Whether you are planning your company's annual awards dinner or a wedding reception, choosing the perfect banquet center to hold your event requires careful consideration. Here are some things to consider as you try to find the perfect venue.

Match The Banquet Center To The Event

Before you start contacting banquet centers, you need to answer two questions: what type of affair is it and how many guests will you be having. This will help you narrow down which facilities will and won't work for your needs.

If you choose too small of a space, your guests will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable. It is better to pay for a larger area and make it feel a bit more intimate with lighting and decorations. Pick a venue that will be bigger rather than just big enough, and your event will be much more enjoyable.

The type of affair you are having also makes a difference in your choice of venue. A personal affair, such as a wedding reception, is more suitable for a casual venue whereas a corporate event may require a more elegant location.

Don't choose the setting sight unseen. Narrow down your choices, and then visit each place to get a feel for the space you would be renting. Don't forget to note things like where the exits are, the bathroom facilities, and if there is adequate parking. Ensure any guests with disabilities could also be accommodated.

What Services Does The Banquet Center Offer?

Planning an event is easiest when you can obtain as many services as possible from as few vendors as possible. A banquet center (such as Lucarelli's Banquet Center) that offers on-site catering will make things a lot easier for you. Explore the catering options your venue of choice can offer you. They should offer a full menu of possibilities and provide a sampling of the menus you are interested in. Double-check if they are able to accommodate any special dietary considerations, too. If the on-site caterer at your desired venue cannot meet your catering needs, you may have to explore off-site catering options.

You will also want to make sure your final venue choice is able to provide the right equipment. Check that they have an adequate power supply for your entertainment vendor. Inquire about what audio-visual equipment they have available. You will also want to confirm they have reliable wireless internet. Additionally, make sure they have enough of the basics, such as tables and chairs.

Planning an event can be overwhelming, but if you ask the right questions and make the right choices, you can avoid any major pitfalls along the way.