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lunch-outings during the work day

What do you do with your lunch hour at work? Do you brown-bag it each day and spend your hour sitting at your desk or in a dreary break-room? You likely have a handful of restaurants around your workplace that can provide you with a quick outing during a busy day. Calling ahead to place your order can help you make a lunch-outing possible during a busy day. My blog is all about your lunch hour. You will find ideas for making the most of those 60 precious minutes and getting a healthy, enjoyable lunch to get you through the day.


Learn How To Stick To Your Diet When Eating At A Sports Bar

Going to watch a game at a sports bar, such as Buzzard Billy's can be a lot of fun. The atmosphere is often bustling and the food is delicious. When you get to a sports bar and you are dieting, knowing what to eat and drink can be hard. The guide that follows walks you through a few tips for balancing fun at the sports bar and sticking to your diet.

Choose Light Beer

When you go to the sports bar, there will be many different types of beer available for you to choose. You want to be sure that you take the time to choose a light beer over a full calorie one. Light beers have a similar taste to regular beer, but contain far less calories, which will help you stick to your diet.

Avoid Mixers

If you want to enjoy some liquor during the game, enjoy a straight shot of the liquor rather than ordering a mixed drink. You can have the shot on the rocks, with water, or as a shooter. Mixers often contain a lot of calories and sugar that would completely ruin your diet.

Choose Baked over Fried

If the bar offers baked or fried wings, always choose baked wings. Fried foods contain a lot of grease and fat that can actually help you to pack on the pounds rather than lose them.

Choose Salsa over Cheese Dips

Fresh salsa is very healthy for you. It is made from fresh ingredients and is often very flavorful. When you go to the bar, order fresh salsa, also called Pico de Gallo, instead of a hot cheesy dip.

Leave off the Bun

When you order your meal, don't be afraid to order a sandwich. You can simply ask to have the hamburger, sausage, or sandwich without the bun. The bun often contains a lot of calories without providing you with a ton of nutrition.

Skip Dessert

Since you will be indulging in drinks and foods that you normally do not eat on your diet, skip dessert. It will just be added calories that you really don't need and can ensure you stay as close to your daily caloric intake goals as possible.

These simple tips allow you to enjoy your time out with your friends without feeling like you have to restrict yourself from anything delicious. Sports bars typically serve the same types of foods so finding the right food to eat at any sports bar should be easy if you follow this guide.